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2023 BOOT CAMP dates to come

Philadelphia, PA

Two Day Session

Live & In-Person

Early Bird Registration - $1,850
(Discount expires one month before the BOOT CAMP.)
Regular Registration - $2,200

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Live a healthier, more purposeful and bountiful life – whether that means achieving professionally or personally or breaking through those barriers that have slowed you in the past. After months of Zoom meetings and isolation, we are excited to meet in-person for this live experience!

The Dr. James Smith, Jr. BOOT CAMP is deliberately designed for leaders, speakers, educators, salespersons, trainers and purpose-driven professionals. This immersive two day program will help you implement a simple, yet powerful, skill/will approach to becoming a lights-out, in-demand presenter and 21st Century leader.
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NSA Influence 2021 Conference – Mainstage Keynote

Dr. James’ chapter of A Collective Breath

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T.A.N. Time with Dr. James Smith Jr.

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2020 taught us that moving forward cannot be achieved by keeping one foot in the past and one foot in the future. With that in mind, we really took a close look at our solutions to ensure that they would have more punch, focus and power. Our BOOT CAMPs, in-person and virtual training solutions, keynote speaking events and one-on-one coaching programs will help you greatly improve your performance in this new landscape.


I started my professional Diversity and Inclusion journey during the late 1980's. My manager at the time asked me to head our Diversity Council. I was also charged with leading our training initiative. R. Roosevelt Thomas Jr.'s book, Beyond Race and Gender was trending and Jane Elliott (inventor of the famous Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes exercise) had become my Shero. After that first exposure to Diversity and Inclusion work I was hooked. I went on to work for two additional corporate organizations where I helped facilitate D & I initiatives. After leaving corporate, and before starting my own business, I worked with several D & I consulting firms (Simmons Associates, Innovations International, Tom Gordon & Associates and ChangeWorks Consulting). I have since continued my D & I journey providing consulting, strategy, training and the like for our clients nationally and internationally. We call the training component of this work Rise Up Leadership. To learn more, please (click here).

TAKE CONTROL OF EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE - Solutions to help you jump into your BIGNESS!


To get JIMPACTed wherever you are purchase one of Dr. James' books. These books will improve your facilitation and speaking skills, enhance your personal power and help you to take control of your level of personal accountability to grow through (not go through) your life


Dr. James speaks nationally and internationally and to audiences of all sizes. He has also keynoted at myriad conferences and sales meetings. Themes include personal power and accountability, mindset shift, authenticity and jumping into your BIGNESS.


Over 30 years of experience. Hundreds of thousands JIMPACTed. Informational and transformational experiences.


Dr. James' coaching approach is penetrating. He gets to the core of your concerns and problems/possibilities and helps you to change the story you’ve been telling yourself. He partners with you to adjust your vision to achieve your goals. 

Keynotes, Workshops & Coaching

Areas of Expertise:  

  • Virtual Presentation & Facilitation Skills
  • Personal Power

  • Leadership

  • Authenticity

  • Diversity & Inclusion

student testimonials
Client Testimonial
"According to surveys, James was the most inspirational and dynamic speak ever... His ability to involve all staff and get individuals to interact with those they would probably never speak to was second to none. The employees were engaged before they even knew what happened because James speaks with a passion from his heart"
― Dan Robichaux, Chief Administrative Officer
"The presentation of "Fair to Famous" is one that will not be forgotten. It would be Fair to say that the presentation was a hit, but it's Famous to say you were AWESOME!"
― Joleen Flory Lundgren, EVP, HR & Training @ Famous Daves
"Your passionate message allowed participants to imagine the possibilities for a bright and successful future - both personally and professionally. And as rated by participants, you were our highest scoring presentation of the conference! You were awesome!"
― Rodney Morris, SVP, HR @ Fired Up, Inc.
"In a tough economic like we are facing now, it is sometimes a difficulty decision for leaders of corporations to invest in growth and enhancement training. ...I am confident Boot Camps result in retaining more employees in the organization with a better skill set to their job!"
― Juli Fussell, Director of Performance Training @ Aimco
"I am a HUGE Jim Smith Jr. Fan! No matter how big the room is, no matter how many people are present, you feel as though he is only speaking to you! You leave wanting to change and be a better person,whether for work of personal life. He really draws you in and motivates you"
― Laurie Adashek @ ASTD
“Thanks so much for your presentation! Your advice was compelling, engaging and actionable.Great mix of presenting, video and interaction.Your presentation style is so inviting! Cannot thank you enough!””
― Liz Dow, CEO of Leadership Philadelphia
"...Dr. Smith’s enthusiasm, passion, creativity, and storytelling was in full effect during the session, and the attendees were energized and motivated by his presentation..."  
― Dr. Charlene Glenn, Business Professor, Peirce College
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“During Dr. James’ talk, every word he spoke, the audience was mesmerized as it felt like he was talking to each of us directly. His natural story telling put everything into perspective, providing each of us with own takeaways. ‘Don’t Let Your Start be Your Stop’ was the message we all needed. I would highly recommend Dr. Smith for any speaking engagement as his message is genuine and truly from the heart.”
― PCMA Greater Philadelphia chapter
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“CFGP thanks Dr. Smith and his organization for their professionalism and assistance in making this event a great success. We highly recommend Dr. James Smith, Jr. to others looking for a dynamic, creative, and enthusiastic presentation.”
― Sarah O. Hanley, President and CEO of The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia
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“His talk was engaging and he used excellent videos to reinforce his topic --- holding the attention of an audience in a remote conference setting is very challenging, but Dr. James pulled it off! He has so much life experience to bring to the discussion and he uses humor and stories to bring the conversation to life! It was great to work with him and we hope to be able to partner with him again in the future.”
― Dana Dillard, Principal, Housing Finance Strategies