The Dr. James Smith, Jr. BOOT CAMP

Deliberately designed for leaders, speakers, educators, salespersons, trainers and purpose-driven professionals, the Dr. James Smith, Jr. BOOT CAMP is an immersive two day program. Implementing a simple, yet powerful, skill/will approach to becoming a lights-out, in-demand virtual and in-person presenter.


  • You want to STAND OUT during every presentation, right?
  • You want to have GREATER INFLUENCE with those you lead, right?
  • Every slide has a story – do you tell it?
  • Many learners come to your meetings and presentations with preoccupation - do you break it?
  • Your attendees' attention span is shorter - do you capture it?
  • You know it's about becoming crystal clear in WHO you are, AUTHENTICALLY and AMPLIFYING that.
  • It's time to LEVERAGE your personal power and PRESENT and LIVE in a BIGGER way.
  • Powerful speaking today hinges on bringing more ENGAGEMENT, ENTHUSIASM and ENERGY to EVERY presentation, meeting and workshop.

First Day Session Highlights:

  • Mindset and personal power
  • Authenticity: Discovering who you are and leveraging that
  • The secrets to lights-out presentation skills
  • Methods for filling up the entire room and get greater audience involvement
  • How to become a masterful story-teller
  • Opening and closing with power, punch, and emphasis

Second Day Highlights:

  • Making your message stick
  • Personal Branding
  • Dealing with difficult presentation situations
  • Bringing dry content (especially in slides) and distance presentations to life