What's Your Excuse Now?

Superman did his best to stay away from kryptonite. Why? Because it rendered him powerless.  Unfortunately, we keep our kryptonite close by. And guess what? It renders us powerless too.  Superman's kryptonite was a green alien mineral. Our kryptonite is an excuse. And we have plenty. And all of them prevent us from fulfilling our dreams and goals in life. Yup, excuses and existing are BFFs. Here are the eight that I hear most often:

·   I don't want to be judged by others.

·   I tried it before and it didn't work.

·   The odds are against me.

·   I let other peoples' opinion of me become my reality.

·   I know someone who tried it before, and he/she failed.

·   I've talked myself into believing that it's not for me.

·   I've talked myself into believing that I can do without it.

·   I've determined that the timing is bad right now for me to do it.    

Do any of these sound familiar? They stop people from taking risks. From going back to school.  From writing a book. From starting their own business. From being innovative. I could go on.  When I think of the people who have made amazing contributions in my lifetime the one thing that comes to mind that they all had/have in common is they all were allergic to excuses. How about you? Are any of the above eight excuses one that you're using right now? Come on. Fess up. Here's an eight word gift to help you with the eight excuses: What are you going to do about it?  It has worked for me over the years whenever I made an excuse for something. It will work for you too!

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