Any "Life Meat" Left on that Bone?

I remember sitting on stage during my high school graduation. I felt proud, excited and accomplished all at once. I also remember thinking that my four years had flown by. I could have done more! I knew that I had left some "life meat" on the bone. During my graduation from Widener University, four years later, I experienced the same feeling. Great time. Earned my degree in English. Met some incredible people. Won a national championship (in football) but still felt like I had left some "life meat" on that bone too.

Now 36 years later, as an author, speaker, trainer, Dr. and authenticity expert, I spend each day encouraging people to clean the bone - to devour every second of their life. I never want to have the "I wish I would have done more", feeling again. I'm committed to laughing not loathing, giving not taking. Creating not debating. I will continue to pray for patience and perseverance and to live what I give. Life is less complicated than we make it! And it's not as deep as it may appear at times. Turn your joy meter up LOUD. Raise your quality of living. And never graduate from any aspect of your life again regretting not having done everything that you had planned to do. And, teach others how to do the same!

- Dr. James

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