Give Birth To Your Book

Writing a book can be a challenging undertaking. For some, simply coming up with the title can be akin to picking up a wet bar of soap. Then there's the extensive research, outline and chapter development and the extreme dedication and commitment that's needed to keep you on track. In addition you have to determine what time of the day you're at your writing best (for me it's the morning). Nevertheless, when I talk to people about writing a book, two reasons/excuses consistently arise - 1. being judged by others and 2. sharing information that may hurt someone that's close to them.

Let's talk about the judgment factor first. Believe it or not you're judged every day (at home and at work). Your appearance, your performance, your approach and your social media presence are scrutinized on a delay basis. However, when did someone's opinion of you become your reality? Someone's words has as much power as you give them. And, if you're concerned about getting an "A" on this test - STOP!!! Number one, writing a book is not a test. And two, adversity will introduce you to yourself.

With regard to hurting someone's feelings in your work remember you're not a babysitter. If you're being transparent and sharing your authentic truth, leaving out critical points will water-down your message. I know some people will disagree with me and that's OK. I'm not going to tell a story and leave out the main characters. My focuses are the truth and the lesson. My father was an alcoholic and I've written about it. I've been hired and I've been fired and I've written about it. I've been married and I've been divorced and I've written about it. I've made poor choices and I've made worthwhile choices and I've written about it. If that particular experience best helps illustrate the lesson I'm attempting to convey I'm going to recount it. And I have not gone through too much on my own so the people who were there with me then are going to mentioned in my narrative now.

Writing a book, to me, is a defining moment. It requires vulnerability and it requires courage. We have to do the work that we want others to do. And being your authentic self gives others permission to do the same. As a society I believe we've gotten too comfortable. Push past your "stuff" and give birth to your book.

- Dr. James

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