Giving Extends Living!

I think I've shared in previous Journals that my son Ian, is on the autistic spectrum. He's 13 now and is growing into quite the young man. I typically write Monday's Journal on Sunday afternoon and there is one thing I can definitely count on; Ian is going to be right by my side lending his support. He either puts his leg on my lap, his head on my shoulder or his hand on my arm. He makes sure that we're connected in some way as I write my Monday message.

Who in your life could benefit from your support, from your help, from your guidance and from your experience right now? Who could benefit from just having you close by? Regardless of whether it appears as though they could use your help or not I would still offer it. I'm sure you're aware that some people, for whatever reason, unfortunately, have a difficult time with asking for help. Why don't you beat them to the punch?

Since my little guy doesn't write creatively I love the fact that he's right next to me when I'm writing. It's almost as if, in that moment, he's living vicariously through me. He provides his "special" assistance. I thoroughly enjoy our teamwork. As I consider the number of people that I connect with on a daily basis I've come to realize that nearly everybody is going through something. I'm sure they could use a high-five, a handshake, a hug or a call. Besides, giving back is as good for you as it is for the people you're helping. Some even subscribe to the belief that the secret to happiness is helping others. Winston Churchill once said, "We make a living  by what we get; we make a life by what we give."  

- Dr. James

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