I Took the Lettuce to Go!

I seldom eat before I present. I seldom eat before I facilitate a workshop. And I seldom eat before I do anything where my appearance IMMEDIATELY following my meal really matters. Why?  I'm glad you asked. I don't want to accidentally spill (or get) anything on my clothes. And, if I don't have time to brush my teeth, I don't want what I was eating to make a guest appearance later when I smile. How's that for foreshadowing what the next paragraph is about?

Last week I had lunch with a colleague. We ate at his company's cafeteria and I went straight to the bathroom to freshen up (I guess guys can say that) after we finished. When I looked in the mirror to brush my teeth I SAW LETTUCE!  Some of the lettuce from my salad decided to camp out and conveniently rested between my teeth. My first two thoughts were, "How long was it there and why didn't he tell me?"

As speakers, trainers, coaches and educators we notice a lot about people that they have yet to discern - but do we share it (especially if it's hits close to home)?.How can they fix it if they don't know about it? We used to talk about this a lot when I was in corporate. During our leadership, supervisor and diversity and inclusion workshops, and affinity group meetings, we discussed the significance of feedback. And whether you agree with me or not I believe "no" feedback is worse than constructive or negative feedback. Going forward, help a brother or sister out! Help them get rid of the "life lettuce" that's in their teeth! Just sayin'!

- Dr. James

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