Is Your Floor Wet?

Have you ever taken a shower only to discover, upon opening the shower curtain when you were finished, that water was everywhere? Yup, an unplanned cleanup was now in order. You look around to determine what happened and quickly realize that the shower curtain was on the outside, not inside, of the tub. In your haste to take your shower you didn't even notice. Let's compare this with everyday living.  
Is your "life" shower curtain (i.e., your focus, your communication style or your approach) where it should be? And if not, is your "life" floor (i.e., your outcomes and results) getting wet (i.e., messy)? And you know what can happen if you walk on a wet floor. When's the last time you asked someone for personal or professional feedback? I encourage you to do so soon. During your meeting listen at a deep level. Don't forget to ask them to offer their opinion on where they think your shower curtain typically is. Hopefully there won't be a lot of cleaning up to do.

- Dr. James

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