Make An Impact By Being The Difference

David W. Brown shares his knowledge about the importance of understanding history—especially African American history—in order to move forward in our society. He explains that it is essential to be informed on current events but also to look back at our past in order to gain perspective and understand why certain things happened as they did. He emphasizes that if we want to make progress towards creating a more equitable future for everyone then we must first understand where we have come from.

David also dives into what DEI looks like at the University level. He outlines four key areas where DEI should be implemented: curriculum development, hiring practices, student services/supports systems, and campus climate initiatives. It is important for universities to prioritize these areas in order to ensure that all students feel safe and respected on campus regardless of their race or background.

Additionally, David offers three key actions for those working in advertising or public relations departments: 1) use your platform as a means of amplifying diverse voices; 2) highlight diverse perspectives within your organization; 3) promote open dialogue amongst different groups within your organization or community. By taking these steps you can help create a more inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.  Lastly David discusses how communicating with college students differs from talking with congregations—specifically regarding religious contexts—and how being a positive force in the community can make an immense difference when it comes to making lasting change. 

The Podcast

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