What It Takes To Be A Disruptive Innovator

Today, Dr. James speaks with Derrick Wilson, President and CEO of The Wilson Group, about being a disruptive innovator. Topics covered are centered around the road to success, building a business and alliances, and keys to succeeding as an entrepreneur.

College Preparing Him For Success

Derrick Wilson's educational background provided him with the necessary tools to become a successful entrepreneur. His studies gave him an understanding of the business world, allowing him to make informed decisions as he began to build  his own business. He credits his education for a large part of his success in the business world.

Approaches To Building Business Alliances

When it comes to building business alliances, Derrick Wilson notes that having a shared perspective of value over profit is key. He stresses the importance of forming relationships with those who share his vision and values. He believes it is essential for all individuals involved in the business alliance to be on the same page about their mission and goals for success.

Perspective Of Value Over Profit

Derrick Wilson believes that value should be placed over profit when it comes to business. He understands that each business venture is unique, and it needs an individual's attention and focus in order to succeed. He places importance on creating a strong foundation through relationships with those who share his vision. This foundation allows him to build,  create, and maintain long-term business relationships.

The Role Of Family In Entrepreneurship

Derrick Wilson sees his family as integral to the success of his business. He believes that having a supportive family is essential in entrepreneurship and encourages entrepreneurs to foster strong relationships at home. He credits his own family for providing him with the motivation, guidance, and security needed when starting out as a new entrepreneur.

Keys To Succeeding As An Entrepreneur

For Derrick Wilson, the key to succeeding as an entrepreneur is understanding and mastering the basics. He emphasizes the importance of developing a strong foundation by focusing on building relationships with those who share his values and vision. Additionally, he encourages entrepreneurs to focus on creating something that has real value rather than just chasing profits.

Points To Consider When Creating A Startup Company

Derrick Wilson encourages entrepreneurs to focus on the fundamentals of success when creating a start up company. He suggests taking the time to research and understand the industry, developing an effective business plan, and finding ways to differentiate themselves from competitors. Additionally, he stresses the importance of flexibility and being open-minded in order to make necessary changes as needed.

In conclusion, Derrick Wilson believes that entrepreneurs should focus on the fundamentals of success in order to succeed. He understands the importance of having a shared vision and value over profit, building relationships with those who share his values, and focusing on creating something that has real value. By following these steps, entrepreneurs can increase their chances for success in the business world.

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