Women In The Filmmaking Industry, What Is It Really Like?

Dr. James interviews Dominique Janelle, an accomplished actress, director and CEO of Redemption Studios. In this episode, they discuss how the film industry gives people a voice through storytelling, helping to bring important issues to the forefront and sparking difficult conversations. They explore why these conversations are necessary in today’s world, and how art can be used to create meaningful change. By the end of the episode, you will have a better understanding of how storytelling can be used to drive social progress and make lasting differences in our lives. Be sure to tune in for this inspiring conversation!

Dominique Janelle explains that to be a successful actor, one must have passion and dedication. She emphasizes that it is important to stay focused and remain open-minded to new experiences. Additionally, she explains how networking skills are essential in the industry, as they help create opportunities for growth and collaboration. She believes that a strong work ethic and professional attitude are invaluable for any actor seeking to make it in the industry. Preparing for a character role requires intense focus and research, understanding the backstory and motivations of a particular character. Janelle emphasizes that it is essential for storytellers to be socially conscious if they hope to create meaningful change in society. The challenges that women face in the filmmaking industry is also a central topic in this discussion. Janelle states that women need to be more confident in their abilities to compete and succeed alongside men, as well as support one another along the way. She is an advocate for gender equality and believes its important to trust in oneself and strive for excellence no matter what industry they choose. Finally, she advises aspiring actors to take risks and embrace rejection as part of the learning process. The conversation further turns to how Redemption Studios works towards creating meaningful change through their work. Dominique discusses how stories can be used to educate, bridge cultures, and create empathy. She speaks highly of the power of film, explaining how it can help us to better understand one another and work together towards creating a bright future.Overall, Dr. James's conversation with Dominique Janelle was truly inspiring and informative. Her words have left viewers with a newfound appreciation for the film industry and its ability to create positive change in the world.

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