Discussion of "The Sports Mentality"

Dr. James will be joined by Karl Mecklenburg, a former NFL player and current professional speaker, to discuss the "Sports Mentality". Karl played in the NFL for over 12 years with teams such as the Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings. He is an author of the book "Heart of a Student Athlete" about six keys to success; Teamwork, Courage, Honesty and Forgiveness, Dedication, Desire, and Goal Setting.

The discussion will cover topics such as navigating from a professional athlete to a professional speaker, Karl's perspective on playing a sport professionally that many people consider dangerous, the importance of teamwork in sports and other areas of life, what people don't realize about football, key items for being both a great player and great speaker, and keys to success that Karl has found to be successful in both careers.

Karl's experience and insight will provide a unique perspective for participants of the discussion to learn from, as well as provide guidance on how to apply elements of sports into other areas of life. Additionally, his stories and anecdotes from his time as an NFL player will offer participants further understanding and inspiration into how athletes rise to the top and stay successful after their sports career has ended.

Karl is a former Denver Broncos Captain and All-Pro Linebacker who rose from being a college walk-on and a 12th round draft pick to a pro career that included six Pro Bowl and three Super Bowl appearances. Considered the NFL’s most versatile player, Karl played all seven defensive front positions. Today Karl is a professional speaker and author who offers insight on teamwork, courage, dedication, desire, honesty and forgiveness, and goal setting for both athletes and non-athletes alike, he will provide an invaluable message of success that your team can apply to their lives both professionally and personally. Contact Karl Mecklenburg today and book him for your next event, purchase from his store and read testimonials here

The Podcast

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