Do You Know How To Motivate Young People?

Children are the future of our world. They represent a blank canvas, and as parents, teachers, and mentors we have the responsibility to make sure it is filled with values that will help create a brighter tomorrow for all of us. We can't just leave our children's development up to chance; we need to actively engage with them and take part in their development and growth. This doesn't have to be a colossal task, but can simply be done by spending quality time with our children, playing games together, talking about important topics, or even just reading bedtime stories. Taking the time to nurture these relationships will provide a foundation for our children's future success. Dr. James and Kirk Berry discuss spending quality time with children to build them up to become the most successful they can be.

Importance Of Building A Young Persons Confidence

The importance of building a young person’s confidence cannot be understated. A sense of self-worth and belief in oneself is key for any individual’s success, no matter the age. By investing time into our children and showing them support, encouragement, and affirmation, we can create an atmosphere of trust that will help foster  their natural talents and allow them to reach their full potential. Parents, teachers, and mentors should all strive to set a positive example and model healthy behavior that will instill confidence in our youth and help prepare them for adulthood.

Importance Of “90 Min For 90 Days”

We all know how quickly time passes and our children grow up. To make sure we don’t miss out on our chance to shape the lives of those that matter most, Kirk Berry has developed a concept he calls “90 min for 90 days” – spend 90 minutes per day with your children for  90 consecutive days to get to know them better and help guide their development. This concept serves as a reminder for us adults to prioritize our children’s needs and make sure we don't miss out on any chances to shape the future – our future and theirs.

3 Must Haves Youth Need For Success: Dialog, Structure/Discipline, and Motivation

Dialog focuses on making sure that we are communicating with our children, understanding their needs and feelings, and being supportive. Structure and discipline is about setting boundaries and providing guidance to help them stay on a path for success. And finally, motivation means instilling values like hard work and determination that will help our children stay focused and reach their goals.

In conclusion, we must take part in our children’s development and growth. Spending quality time with our children is the best way to ensure their success and prepare them for the future. The “90 min for 90 days” concept offers a framework that serves as a reminder for us adults to prioritize our children’s needs and make sure we don't miss out on any chances to shape the future – our future and theirs. We must also provide dialog, structure/discipline, and motivation to nurture their growth and help them reach their potential. The future of our world lies in our hands, and we must take responsibility to shape it. It’s up to us to invest time into our children's growth and help guide them on the path for success. By doing this, we can create a brighter future that will benefit everyone.

Dr James Smith Jr is an author, motivational speaker, an educator, and a coach. He encourages people to live, lead and present authentically every day.

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